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Pick Up Locations

Step aboard the Venetian from any of the most picturesque or picaresque locations on Bermuda…

From Albouy’s Point, the most central and convenient of locations, to Cambridge Beaches or over to St. George’s in the Eastern Parishes, the Venetian can sail to meet you in your own time. We can dock at many secluded private docks, or come to the ferry stops or even use the tender to venture where the Venetian dare not.

We can pick up from:

Location Zone Dock to Dock Time
Agar's Island Zone A
Albouy's Point (NB At low tide Albuoy's Pt pick up will be from "The Hole" at the Hamilton Ferry Terminal) Zone A
Belmont Ferry Dock Zone A
Cavello Bay Ferry Dock Zone B 0:45
Darrell's Wharf Zone A
Hamilton Princess (no parking places available) Zone A
#1 Shed (High Tide Only) Zone A
Hinson's Island Ferry Dock Zone A
Hodgson's Ferry Paget Zone A
Evan's Bay Ferry Dock Zone B 0:45
Lower Ferry Paget Zone A
Mangrove Bay Public dock (next to Cambridge Beaches) (NB Pick up from this location only available during daylight hours) Zone D 1:00
Marginal Wharf St. David's (By Permission) Zone E 2:00
Ordinance Island…Inside or Outside (By Permission) Zone E 2:00
Penno's Wharf St George (By Permission) Zone E 2:00
RBYC (Outside the breakwater by permission only) Zone A
RHADC (will need assistance moving boats. North end of break water and will need permission and assistance) Zone A
Rockaway Ferry Dock Zone B 1:00
Royal Naval Dockyard Zone C 1:00
Salt Kettle Ferry Zone A
Somerset Bridge Ferry Dock Zone B
The Hole at the Ferry Terminal Zone A
The Waterfront Development Zone A
Town Square St George (By Permission) Zone E 2:00
Watford Bridge Ferry Dock (Portside midships gate) Zone B 0:45

Fuel Surcharges

Zone Price
Zone A No fuel surcharge
Zone B $125
Zone C $150
Zone D $200
Zone E $300
Zone F $400